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Wake up campaign – Westminster event and 3 tasks for members

The Wake Up campaign is gearing up again.  As part of this phase of activity we will be releasing new evidence that EASA’s proposals are unsafe This data ironically comes from the CAA’s own research  known as the  ‘SAFE’ programme. This work shows, amongst other things, how fatigue and alcohol both have similar effects on flying skills. The data proves 2 things:

  • Under the proposed new regulations it would be possible to fly with a blood alcohol equivalence of 4 times the legal limit. 
  • Under the proposed new regulations pilots could be landing their aircraft when the chance of them both being at ‘high risk of falling asleep’ at the same time is almost  5 %

We have already made sure the CAA are fully aware of these facts and we are holding a briefing in Westminster on 19th October  to share this information with MPs, the media and crucially, through them, the general public.  None of them can afford to ignore these warnings.

 We have invited all UK MPs to this briefing to hear this compelling new evidence first hand. There are 3 things that you as members can do to support the event and this phase of the campaign


  1. Write.  Use the letter templateon to write to your MP and reinforce the invitation to our Westminster briefing. Please email us at  to let us know what response you get. If your MP agrees to come you would be more than welcome to attend the briefing too.
  2. Sign.  Sign the government e-petition at There is also a link on the campaign website
  3. Share. Spread the message. You could start by sharing the petition link via email, facebook or twitter. We will have more compelling data to share very soon. You can download a campaign avatar from the wakeup site

 Whether you do one or all three of these things, please register your action at

 As BALPA we continue to work with stakeholders at the highest level but we will be increasingly asking members to get involved and spread the message to apply pressure from the ‘bottom up’. Please get involved and encourage others to do the same.

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